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Noise and Safety Barriers

Noise Barrier Panels and Safey Barriers from Fracasso – Italy.


Noise Barrier Panels

Designed to eliminate acoustic pollution due to the noise of road and railway traffic. This soundproofing and deadening barrier drastically reduces noise, due to the special structure of its metal panels, which are perforated on the front side and contains soundproofing material padding inside the panel. The panel’s metal shell gives the structure soundproofing properties, while the high- density soundproofing material inside deadens the disturbance of noise.

European Standards EN 1793-1 and EN 1794.


litingSingle Side Noise Barrier Panels litingDouble Side Noise Barrier Panels

litingSafety Barriers

The wide range of configurations developed and tested over time, offers a reliable and complete solution for most European countries.

European Standard EN1317.

litingSingle Side Safety Barriers
litingSingle Side 4Safe Safety Barriers
litingDouble Side Safety Barriers
litingDouble Side 4Safe Safety Barriers